Fashion Friday: What I wore in Italy

Hello to all the fashionistas!

Today, I’m going to share some of the outfits I wore in Italy (Naples, Ischia, Capri). I bought few bits and pieces to match the Italian aesthetics and believe me or not, it wasn’t easy to find it here in Slovakia:D.


This dress was actually such a bargain! I found it in a local shop in the city centre (Piazza di Garibaldi) called ZUIKI for 20€ and it fits perfectly! I absolutely looove the emerald green color at the moment, it has been a huge trend this summer. The only con of the satin dresses is that if you sweat, it leaves the marks on the fabric, but who doesn’t sweat in the summer, right?


This set is truly the cutest thing in my closet! I found it on a Slovak eshop called and I fell in love immediately. It consists of a shirt, bra and shorts. The material is very light and easily packed. I swear I got so many compliments about this outfit in Capri. I paired it with white Birkenstock sandals, blue earrings from Naples and a visor that I got in Corfu last year.

This is dolce vita, baby!


This dress is a dream! I got it 2 years ago here in Slovakia in a shop called Blanc du Nil. It wasn’t cheap but the quality and the design is timeless. It’s long, airy and I will definitely wear it for the rest of my life:)!


Ok, so this wasn’t even supposed to be an outfit:D. I got the top part of bikini and a scarf in H&M before the holidays and had no idea it was so versatile. There are 5 ways how to strap the bikini (around the waist, neck etc.) and the scarf? Let’s see what I did with it:D!

5. COLORFUL SET (Ischia)

Satin, colors, exotic pattern. This is how I would describe the last but not least outfit. When I got it in Sinsay in June, it was clear that I would wear it throughout the whole summer… Beach, city stroll, botanic garden…. Anywhere….

It’s super comfy and it only cost 12€, amazing, isn’t?

Which one is your favorite? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? Let me know in the comments below. Do you like these types of fashion posts or should I stick to the travel content? I would love to hear from you, lovelies!

Have a wonderful weekend and until next time,

Lots of love,

By Lesi Lee

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