5 reasons to visit ZAKOPANE

New Year, new adventures!

Today, I’d like to tell you about my recent trip to Zakopane. It’s a small town in Poland (very close to Slovakia) and I always wanted to go there. Well, it was love at the first sight for sure and let me tell you why!

Whether, you’re a fan of skiing or not, you will enjoy visiting Zakopane for sure. It’s like a winter wonderland full of twinkle lights, cute wooden houses and the nature to die for.


No kidding, it still feels like Christmas! I can’t even describe the atmosphere here. Ton of snow, mulled wine and many attractions. It actually reminds me of the Winter wonderland fair in London but smaller and less crowded. Grab your loved one, cause it’s just sooo romantic!


We dined at few different restaurants but what they all had in common is the traditional live music and delicious food of course. I tried Polish sheep cheese, dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn– picture below (it changed my life) and some Polish donuts too, yummy! Might have to be on a diet now but it doesn’t matter! The prices are quite affordable and anyone can pick what they like. The only minus is a very limited number of vegetarian dishes on the menu (that’s why I chose the sweet ones:D). Everything is simply fresh and tasty!


Th town is surrounded by mountains and many ski resorts. I haven’t had a chance to ski there but the snowy conditions are great most of the winter and you can find ski services, restaurants and cable cars next to the slopes or the main road. The panoramic views are so worth it!( We stayed in a 4 ⭐hotel Belvedere with spa and it was very nice!)


There are many places to visit in Zakopane, but I have to mention the Happy museum, Labyrinth+ Igloo and The Eye. For pink lovers like me, Happy museum was an obvious choice. It is located in the shopping mall on the Main Street and you can take endless insta pics for app. 20euros. Labyrinth and the igloo are further from the centre, right next to the Tatra mountains. It is a great place to visit as a family as well, you can get tickets for sleighing or just for the labyrinth. It costs around 25euros. We actually got lost in the labyrinth, it is bigger than it looks:D. The Eye costs around 5 euros and it looks stunning especially at night, but get ready to freeze (or drink some booz before:D!).


No need to describe these 50 shades of blue and white. Winter hike in Tatry National Park is simply breathtaking! We decided to see the Siklawica waterfalls (frozen unfortunately) and found out these picturesque scenery on the way. I have never seen that much snow in my life:D.

I just wanted to jump on here quickly and write few words about the past weekend. I always say this but I loooove this place and I can’t wait to explore more this year. Stay tuned and until next time,

xx Lots of love xx

By Lesi Lee

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