Top 5 places to visit in Mykonos🧿🤍🇬🇷

Hello travellers!

How are you all doing? Autumn is here and I keep asking myself: why is the summer always so short? C’est la vie… but it doesn’t have to be☺️. I’m in Mykonos once again😀 and this time around, I feel like I really needed it. It had been a rather stressful month and a little getaway cheered me up🤩. In August, I didn’t have much time to explore the capital (Mykonos town- Chora), port and some other beaches, so the plan was obvious.

We flew with Ryanair as usual☺️ and booked accomodation via The hotel looked beautiful on the pictures but what really blew my mind was the fact that they upgraded our room (genius 2 level pros) and for the first time in my life, I had jacuzzi on the balcony🤩🥳! Can you believe it??? The room worth 1000€ per night was like a dream come true. I know it’s just a room but the views and everything was simply stunning. The Kouros hotel***** is situated 15 mins walk from the centre of Mykonos town on the hills with the sea view. The rooms are huge and some even have a private swimming pool, but the jacuzzi is better😄, especially in October. Lovely 24 degrees and a very light wind surprised me. It just seemed warmer than the summer, I can’t help it. Another thing that I didn’t expect was the crowds. There were many people everywhere, I guess they all had the same idea… Anyway, let’s dive into the fun stuff. Today, I’d like to share my top 5 favorite places in Mykonos, so grab some tea and keep reading!


The village of Nammos is located in the south of Mykonos (10 mins drive from Fabrika). There are only 5 of them in the world (Mykonos, Dubai, Cannes, Limassol, Quatar). This place is not only for the rich people and celebrities. It’s for anyone who can appreciate beauty and art. You will find many high fashion houses here (Dior, Bottega Veneta, Gucci etc.), fountains, parks, restaurants and the most luxurious beach Nammos. You pay 150 euros for 2 sunbeds but if you’re a normal person like me, you can stay at the beach right next to it for free. The sea is just crystal clear, turquoise and warm. Nammos is simply breathtaking and I’m so glad I could experience this whole fancy THING!


I’m absolutely mesmerized by this hotel and that’s why I decided to add it to the list. Kouros luxury boutique hotel and spa in Mykonos town was founded in 1994 and is one of the premier establishments to vacation in the Greek Islands. Completely renovated in 2018 by renowned French designer Fabienne Spahn, the hotel offers its guests an exclusive, elegant, relaxing experience all within the idyllic setting of Mykonos Island. It’s a jewel of traditional and modern architecture, which combined with its unique location, a cliff near Mykonos town with panoramic views of the town, the sea, and the breathtaking sunsets🌄, creates the charming mood necessary to fully enjoy our beautiful island. (


The Old Port of Mykonos is located just behind the popular Little Venice. This part of town is live 24/7. No wonder it attracts many tourists. The restaurants, bars and shops offer a rich variety of delicious meals, fancy drinks and cute little souvenirs. You might even spot a pink pelican Pedro- the mascot of Mykonos.

Take a boat from Tourlos to The Old port and admire the picturesque white houses from the sea! I promise that won’t be disappointed😍…


The iconic and windy (but definitely a must- see) part of the island. Six windmills with a breathtaking overview is the best place to watch a sunset. Romantic much? Hell, yeah!


And here we are my friends🥳! The most beautiful, picturesque and magical place I have ever seen- the centre of Mykonos town: Chora💙. No need to add anything else, just look at the photos!

I hope you enjoyed this colorful blog post and already booked your flight🇬🇷! Mykonos really is worth seeing…

Have a wonderful autumn and see you super soon!

Lots of love by L.L.

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