Mykonos💙: The windiest island of Greece

Kalimera world!

Mykonos is one of the most visited places this year. Wonder why? Keep reading, lovelies!

This greek island has been on my bucket list for a while and I was super excited to finally go there in August. I booked the flight through my ‘beloved’ Ryanair app (yes, I’m kind of addicted to that) and accommodation in the most beautiful Corfos hotel. It was a lovely 4- day trip but I didn’t expect it to be so windy. According to the locals, this summer was the windiest in a history but it’s always windy there anyway. My advice if you’re planning to visit: Don’t bring a hat, wear sunscreen even on a cloudy day and don’t forget to pack something warm for the evening. Mykonos is very different from any other greek islands. It’s not just a wind, it’s generally colder in there and also the sea might feel a bit chilly sometimes. Nevertheless, I’m glad I could experience this magical atmosphere and I’m planning to go there again next month:).

Let’s begin with some useful information! There is a small airport in Mykonos so get ready for an extremely short runway and quick landing. The buses (from the airport to town) run every hour in the peak season (May- October) and cost around 2€. The centre of Mykonos town is very picturesque. You can find many souvenir shops, restaurants, cafés and of course the most famous windmills. They haven’t been used in years so I guess it’s just a tourist attraction. Another must- see place is definitely Little Venice with its narrow white streets, port and restaurants right next to the sea. You might get splashed by the water so be careful while walking. What I loved the most were the pink bougainvilleas🌺 hanging from the roofs. How pretty!

Our hotel was located 10 mins drive from the town in a village called Ornos. This 4✮hotel was literally a dream come true. Beautiful architecture, great location, fresh food and the friendly staff made our stay very pleasant. Unfortunately, (I have to bring up the wind once again) it was super noisy at night. That would probably be the only con but I can’t blame the hotel for it of course. There is also a supermarket and a bus stop in the area.

Corfos is perfect! I mean, look at that🤍!

There are two main beaches in the area. Paralia Korfos (only for the windsurfers) and Ornos beach with its emerald green water, luxurious cocktail bars and live music is perfect for a relaxing day. All the sunbeds belong to the restaurants (you pay around 40€ for 2) and you have to order a drink as well (15 €). There is a small area on the side where you can stay for free but it’s not that comfy. You can also take a taxi boat (one day ticket 20€) and see all the beaches on the south (Paradise, Platis Gialos etc.). Little spoiler: they all look the same😁.

Mykonos is also called a ‘party island’,so you can hear DJ’s from all over the world playing at the beach.

If you fancy an evening stroll, dinner in taverna or a souvenir hunt, take a bus to Mykonos town (also called Fabrika). Shoutout to all the shopaholics out there😍! Let us be our own sugarbabes😂!

Some people also visit Paros or Naxos (islands nearby) but I wanted to explore as much as I could in those 4 days. Overall, I would say Mykonos is not a typical holiday destination like Turkey or Croatia where you can lie on the beach all day and grill yourself (the windy weather again😏). It’s a small rocky island with barely any greenery. On the other hand, the sightseeing and many insta-spots is what makes it special but I would probably get bored after a week.

Anyway, I guess that’s all the important stuff you need to know before you go😉. Let me know your thoughts about Mykonos, I can’t wait to hear from you.

The summer is ending, but stay tuned for more travel posts.

Lots of love,

xx by Lesi Lee😘xx

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