My makeup table

Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing? Enjoying the last bits of summer? I’m trying to but the weather in Slovakia has been kind of weird recently . Anyway, I’ve decided to share my favorite part of the home and that is: THE BEAUTY CORNER. It’s simply a dream come true because I always wanted a place like this.

It all started in April. I was browsing/ shopping on the internet and I found an ad with the most beautiful makeup tables ever! The website called and their goods totally got under my skin. I went through all of their products and found this one. It came with a stool and a mirror. Golden details, velvet touch and minimalistic design was exactly what I was looking for. The only problem was 2- month waiting period as all of their products are made and shipped from Germany. The prices of the sets are around 200-400€ depending on the materials.

I received the parcel in May but unfortunately, it arrived broken. I had to exchange it and it took 2 more weeks but all the stress and waiting was worth it! I put it all together myself (luckily for me, it was not that difficult) and I have been enjoying doing my makeup ever since:)…

I wanted to keep the space clean and handy at the same time so I only added few things. Here is a list of items I decorated my makeup table with: golden pot SINSAY, jewelry organizer STRADIVARIUS, (old) brush holder DEBENHAMS, velvet picture frame PEPCO, hair clips HM.

You want to know what is inside the drawers? Let’s see!

All of my Urban decay eyeshadow palettes and much more palettes… (Revolution: Birds of paradise, Jaclyn Hill: Volume 2 and BH cosmetics: Take me to Brazil, NYX, Dermacol etc.) I just like to use these crazy bright colors in the summer:D!

I also want to mention the bookcase from ARGOS (seen on the featured image) that I used for more beauty products (perfumes, palettes, jewelry, nail polishes etc. I added some aesthetically pleasing treys and boxes and it looks so chic and girlie! I do my makeup here every day and I honestly think it makes such a difference. The lighting is really good as it’s right next to the balcony and it’s just perfect to have everything organized.

Let me know how you like my beauty corner and feel free to share pics from yours! I can’t wait to see them:)!!!

Lots of love,

by Lesi Lee

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