Travel diary: From Naples to Ischia and Capri part 1

It’s almost July and I still haven’t decided where to go for holidays. This was my struggle in the middle of June. The original plan was to go to Nepal, see the kindergarten that my friend opened last year and help her as much as I could. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I knew I wanted to explore another unknown place on my bucket list and even though I have been to Italy before, this seemed like a great idea. If you’ve seen an old movie Avanti, you definitely know the island of Ischia with its thermal springs and beautiful gardens. And one of my friends inspired me to go to Capri as well because it’s beautiful and nearby.

I checked the flights immediately and the only way to get there from here (Bratislava) was to fly from Vienna to Naples. I knew this was not going to be the usual- chillin at the beach- type of holiday but I was super excited. looked at the google map and highlighted all the places I wanted to see on the way.


We arrived late at night and it was kind of scary… Lots of homeless people, mess on the streets and police saying:,, Be careful”, was not the best impression of the city we could get. Luckily, next day was much more pleasant. We visited Pompeii, old town, Santa Chiara monastery (which is the most beautiful insta spot btw) and countless streets full of shops, restaurants and an amazing atmosphere. As a person who loves clothes, I was very surprised to see Versace and a a very cheap shop with dresses for 5 euros right next to it. And then it all clicked… Naples is just for everyone… History lovers, gourmands or fashion addicts. Everyone can find what they’re looking for. Just remember to travel off season due to the hot weather and amount of tourists.

Via Duomo
L’antica pizzeria da Michele
Piazza Garibaldi
Random house that I loved! Via dei Tribunali
Santa Chiara monastery

When it comes to prices in Italy, you probably already know that they went up (comparing it with Milan that I visited few months ago). Of course, you can find cheaper restaurants and shops, but be ready to pay at least 15€ for a pizza and 8€ for a cocktail. It’s always good to book your accommodation in advance and stay closer to the city centre. The bus from the airport (5€) leaves you at Piazza Garibaldi and most of the places that are worth visiting are in the historic part of town (20 mins by walk from there). We stayed in a small hotel on Via Duomo and walked everywhere. On the other hand, Pompeii is quite far so you do need to take a train (11€return ticket) from the Piazza Garibaldi- Vesuvio line and it takes around 30mins. Entrance fee is 16€.

To sum it up, all of the must- see places in Naples are:

  • – Pompeii
  • – Via Duomo
  • – Porto
  • – Santa Chiara monastery
  • – Piazza Garibaldi
  • – Via dei Tribunali
  • – Porta Capuana
  • – L’antica pizzeria da Michelle
  • – Corso Vittorio Emanuele

If you’re travelling to Naples anytime soon, this article might have been helpful for you:). However, the trip continues so stay tuned for part 2…


By Lesi Lee

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