Travel diary: Sidari, Corfu

Hello to all the travel addicts out there!

OMG!!! I’m so excited I could visit another country after 1,5 years of sitting at home. I had been waiting for that moment ever since I booked the flight tickets in April. It took me a while to decide where to go, but now I know that Corfu was a great choice! It’s a green zone island with beautiful beaches, delicious food and reasonable prices. If you want to know where I’ve been and what I’ve seen, keep reading lovelies:)…

The trip started two weeks ago here in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I come from. I didn’t want to fly from a different airport because of all the covid drama and luckily, Ryanair does fly straight to Corfu regularly (every Thursday). It only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes and you can easily find tickets for approximately 50eur. It’s really important to have all the documents ready for the traveling: 1. Covid pass or PCR covid test not older than 72 hours, PLF form, ID or passport and flight ticket. You also have to register at the website of your country (ekarantena at in my case) and fill up a similar form in your own language. Please be careful when filling up these forms, they always check it at the airport.

I booked a hotel in Sidari via for a really good price. You can get to Sidari in 1 hour by bus (40 mins by taxi) from the capital city of Corfu- Kerkyra. The hotel is called Sidari Water park ( 4- star) and it lies in the middle of Sidari town, 10 mins from the beach and 25 mins from the most beatiful beach in Corfu- Canal d’Amour. The hotel is family oriented and you can find many attractions including pools, water slides, and gym in there. The hotel provides half board. Both breakfasts and dinners consist of a big variety of traditional and also international meals. I put on weight, trust me! The food was just amazing:).

The hotel offers accommodation in rooms or bungalows with lovely balconies. You can see our room on the pics below.

Marble bathroom
Room view
Pools in the hotel

I am a huge sea lover so I spent most of the time at the beach. The public beaches are quite wide and long with sand and clear water. Surprisingly, all the sunbeds with umbrellas on the beach are owned by the bars and restaurants. They are free for the customers. I had some lunches and cocktails in there, but what really got my attention was a village of Canal d’Amour at the end of Sidari.

Those beautiful white reefs with turquoise water were definitely the best I have ever seen. Also, the temperature of the sea was quite alright when considering the fact that it’s an island. No fish, no rubbish and very soft waves. When I think about it, my heart pounds…

Staring at the sea while sunbathing is definitely my favorite activity. I could do it for months:D. Mojito is also an important part of my summer holiday routine. You can do all of this at the Canal d’Amour beach bar and restaurant right on the cliff with an amazing view. The prices of drinks are usually 5-7eur and meals for 7-10eur.

Sipping mojito:)

After all day at the beach, you can visit the centre of Sidari, which is basically a long street with many shops, bars and restaurants. The best one I can recommend is The Hive. It’s totally insta, cute and the menu is especially created for food and cocktail gourmans. I have also been to every single souvenir or clothes shop in Sidari and I bought few bits and pieces for friends and relatives. The Greeks are friendly and can speak English very well, so it’s easy to communicate with them while shopping. They are extra grateful to all the tourists who come here after a difficult year.

That makes me think about the half empty beaches/ hotels/ restaurants… It was a bit sad to see it, I am not going to lie… Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about overcrowded areas for sure.

Also, all the inside areas including hotels and restaurants are disinfected and cleaned regularly. You must wear a face mask at all times and gloves when picking up the food. Most of the staff members in Greece got vaccinated as well, so it really makes it a nice and safe destination:).

To sum it up, Corfu is a beautiful green island with crystal clear sea and kind people. I truly hope to come back one day. The only thing that annoys me that 7 days of holidays anywhere is just not enough:(… I am thinking about booking another one very soon:D… Oh, well c’est la vie…

I miss the heat, I miss the sea and I miss that greek atmosphere in the air…

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Lots of love

By Lesi Lee

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