Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing? Long time, no post, I know… Work and school has been keeping me busy, even though there is still a tough lockdown going on here in Slovakia. Luckily, the spring is here and I can’t wait to see the first blossoms and wear cute pastel outfits.

Today, I want to talk to you about this amazing product that I got a couple of weeks ago. When I saw it on Instagram for the first time, I was like: That’s sooo pretty!!! Then I did a little research and read many reviews from all around the world. Girls claimed that their skin got better in a short period of time. I didn’t need to hear anything else and got it straight away.

I guess, I’m not the only one struggling with bad acne due to pandemic and constant face mask wearing so the main reason I’m sharing this is that IT ACTUALLY WORKS! It’s been 3 weeks since I started using it and I can already see that my pores are smaller and my skin is softer. I use KYLIESKIN products (face foam and cream) together with EGGOGLOW and I can’t wait to see even better results in few months. It’s super quick and easy to add it to your routine.

Every evening, I just remove my makeup, wash my face and apply face foam. Then, I switch it on and massage my skin for 2-3 mins. That feeling is so nice after all day at work with makeup on, believe me:). The foam is absorbed into the skin immediately so there is no need to wash your face again after that. I just finish the routine with face cream, vitamin C serum and go to bed to watch some Netflix.

I’m just so happy that they made this product to help all of us with problematic skin and hopefully, my review will help you too.

You can choose from 3 beautiful pastel colors. Nude pink, baby blue and mint green. I couldn’t decide so I got these two:).

Now, you can get it on for a special price 45€.

Thank you so much for reading this quick review and get ready for many more spring/ summer fashion and beauty posts.

Lots of love,

By Lesi Lee

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