2020 beauty must-haves

Hello my lovelies!

Can you believe that 2020 is over? Finally, right??? I think it’s been difficult for everyone in some way. Despite that, I tried to keep myself busy as much as I could with the work and school and maybe that’s why I haven’t posted anything since June. OOOhhh! Long time, no post:(… However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about beauty and fashion. Only the travel part is kind of not happening/ not possible right now.

But let’s not complain and dive straight into the beauty, shall we? I focused on the skin care more last year, due to the constant face mask wearing. My skin had suffered a lot because it just couldn’t breathe. I’ve been dealing with pores and acne my whole life but it got much worse last spring. Do you have a similar problem? If yes, keep reading…

The first product I want to talk about is literally ‘heaven on earth’. Pink cactus pudding by STARSKIN Orglamic has been part of my everyday routine since April last year. The Badura twins talked about it in their video once and I was so impressed by the review that I got it online straight away. I usually don’t do it, but believe me, it was so worth it! It is 100% natural, it smells really good and your skin is cleaner and smoother within days. The cream is also super hydrating and moisturizing. To be honest, I haven’t heard of this Korean brand before but I’m glad I did:). They have the whole collection including masks, eye creams, serums etc. I can’t wait to try the pink cactus mask:). The packaging is very pretty too. Pink jar that lasts months… (The price range is between 40-50Eur.)

Next up, we have the famous KYLIE SKIN and her Vitamin C serum. When I first heard about it, I didn’t pay much attention. It was kind of hard to get and overpriced. And then, miracle happened:)!!! The brand with its products arrived into the Douglas stores here in Europe last summer. I went there on the launch day and got this serum, eye cream, face wash and face cream. I had an urge to try it out just because I’ve been obsessed with her lipsticks for years and I expected the same quality in these products too. After months of using, I realized that the Vitamin C serum has the biggest impact on my skin. It has an ability to calm it down, reduce pores, revitalize and also disinfect. It really is important for the skin to absorb vitamins this way as well. Believe me, one pump a day and your skin will thank you:). (The price is 30Eur.)

I just wanted to show you the whole package of the KYLIE SKIN products that I got:). Pink and pretty as usual…

Moving on to the higher end, I must include the one and only Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. I’ve heard so much about this product but never wanted to spend that much money, obviously. And then one autumn day, I got 25% discount on this brand and didn’t think any longer. As Ariana Grande sings, I want it, I got it:D. Oh yeah! My skin was already better but still needed a boost. I tried to keep up my beauty appointments regularly, which was a nightmare during lockdowns but I wanted something more… Something that would end my skin problems. So I gave this serum a try. Now, after 3 months of daily use, I can say that I truly love the results. I wake up every day with a beautiful radiant skin. I still struggle with acne a little bit (especially on the chin)but it is definitely much much better than it was. I wish I had a picture of my face before and after, but I don’t like to take selfies anymore so sorry about that:D.

Last but not least, there are some makeup products worth mentioning. The prettiest christmas present Diorific Golden nights limited edition (lipsticks, nail polish and eyeshadow palette) is all you need for a festive season or winter party. Rockin red lips and nails has always been a ‘thing’ for me. It’s kind of old school but still feminine and sexy. The consistency of the lipsticks is creamy and easy to apply. It has jojoba oil extract and a sparkly undertone. The eyeshadow palette has 5 nude shades. My favorites are: Pink champagne, shimmering black and intense gold. The snowflake motif is very original and insta-looking:). I’m in loooove… #diorlady

To sum up this beauty recap of 2020, I’m just so happy that I found these new brands and new products, especially when it comes to skin care. I hope this blog post was helpful. It’s all my honest opinions (not sponsored). Let me know if you’re struggling with similar problems in the comments section down below, so we can all help each other a bit at these tough times.

I promise, I’ll be more active on this platform this year:)…

xx Stay safe and lots of love xx

By Lesi Lee

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