💗🏡Semi precious stones: Not just a home decoration

Hi guys!
How are you all doing? Are you staying at home (due to quarantine) or working as usual? I have been working from home for a week now and I realized how important a clean, cozy and aesthetically pleasing looking environment is. That is why I want to show you few bits and pieces from the semi precious stone collection that can really brighten your home, bring energy and positive mindfulness. It has been a while since I showed you my semi precious stone jewellery collection (you can find the post in beauty section) so sit down, make yourself tea and read/lax:)…Some information about the products- Golden trey: DEBENHAMS, White fluffy rug: IKEA, Amethyst obelisks, rose quartz obelisks, pieces of agate/ amethyst: different local ezoteric shops.Rose quartz (also called Heart stone)
I will start with this one because it has been my favourite ever since I was a child. I always believed that it is the most powerful one because life without love is simply impossible. I don´t want to sound too emotional, sorry:). Rose quartz carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, healing and also nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, healing emotional wounds/ fears. This stone can literally reawake the heart to its own innate love and provide deep sense of personal fulfillment. It allows one to truly give and receive love from others which is why I think everyone should have it at home. Sometimes, I just hold the stone in my hands for a while, when I need that extra energy. If you don´t believe in its power, you can just use them as a beautiful decoration for your shelf/ table or even a bath corner (together with some therapy essence oils). Believe me, I was not always an ezoteric person:)… Little crystals and raw pieces of rose quartz are from local shops and rose quartz underlays are from yoga-day.cz.
Crystal (Pure quartz)
I actually do not have much of these but I abolutely love how they look. Their purity, multiple purpose and healing power… All about it…  It is a real energy amplifier. No need to describe it more:)…Amethyst
This beautiful purple stone has a very old tradition. Ancient Greeks used to wear it because they believed it would protect them from intoxication (drunkenness). The reason might sound a bit silly, but the fact that stones have healing power has been proven for centuries. Amethyst specifically helps with physical ailments connected to the nervous system. It can also cure insomnia and nightmares. Its energy to focus on emotional issues and heal them makes it a perfect semi precious stone for everyone and anyone. You know, we all live in a stressful environment so let amethyst become your own little therapeut:). Hold it in your hands, believe in its power, admire its beauty and miracle is done.I actually think that I love raw stones more than smooth ones. The structure is amazing, look at it! However, when it comes to aesthetics, the shiny ones look better as a decor, I admit…Agate
This is a very special stone. It can occur in many different colours and textures. It is formed from volcanic and metamorphic rocks which can make it difficult to recognize. But there is truly something magical about it… The structure, shades, everything! The power of agate is in cleansing and balancing aura. It controls the inner anger, emotional instability and also creates a sense of safety. Its calming and relaxing effect is the most important, I wish everyone had/ belived in it:)… World would be so much better!This is that last picture from the beautiful semi precious stone collection. I really hope you liked it. I actually even started thinking about having my own online shop with jewellery and home decor but it is not as easy as it looks so we will see how my dream goes… I wish you all a nice warm stay at home, make yourself comfortable, drink lots of tea and do not underestimate the power of crystals. In these crazy times, there is not much left, anyway! Talk to you soon…

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