💐💄💗Spring favourites

LONG TIME, NO BEAUTY I know… At the times where everyone talks about corona, I want to share something different (because this is a fashion/beauty/travel blog)…  The spring is finally here and I could not be more excited! Tulips, cute outfits and pink highlights- that is spring for me. Today, I chose some of the most used products at the moment which I absolutely love. But before I start, let´s take a moment and look at how beautiful these tulips and goodies are!Oooooooowwww! Ok then, let´s dive in!
1. WATERFLOWER MAGIC by Kiko, shade 002 Natural Sienna 12: This pressed bronzer does not only look good (which is very important for a pink addict and beautyholic like me) but also the colour and quality is amazing. It is very easy to apply and contour with. The shade is actually quite similar to my all time favourite Hoola bronzer by Benefit which you all know already. I bought this one a few months ago in Geneva but waited till now to try it and I am seriously impressed.
2. KYLIESKIN Face moisturizer 24$: There was a lot of thrill and drama around the whole Kylie Jenner Skincare products and I guess I know why now. I loved the Kylie lipsticks so much that I ordered 3 products from the skincare line right before Christmas and it has been an obsession ever since. My skin is very sensitive (the blemishes, acne and pores appear easily and I could barely use any skincare products before) so I was quite happy when they launched these paraben-free, cruelty-free, natural and dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin. I actually had to reorder this cream cause I ran out quickly. I use it twice every day and here is why. The consistency is light but enriching at the same time, it smells lovely and what is more important, it leaves my skin radiant, smooth and FLAWLESS and that never ever happened before, I swear. I do not need any other primers or bases, it creates a great background for any makeup. Check http://www.kylieskin.com if you haven´t already:).
3. KKW lipstick shade KIMMIE (the kit of 4 is 45$): When talking about Kylie, I must mention this liquid lipstick from her last year´s collaboration with Kim Kardashian West. I bought the whole kit but this is my favourite at the moment. The pink undertone and shiny consistency make it perfect for spring and it just really goes with anything. When I like something a lot, I have to talk about it here on my blog (you know that if you follow me) so everything that you find here are just 100% honest opinions and recommendations. 4. DERMACOL Multi-purpose brightening palette 25: Before I describe this product, I must admit that my heart stopped for a moment when I first had it in my hands. Crazy? Maybe… but this is definitely the most beautiful and original palette I have ever seen. Even better than Carli Bybel palette (read my review in the beauty section)!!!! Rose gold, glitters, hearts, all floating around! This packaging is everything! Looooooooove it so much… I need to calm down, I know:D. So it consists of 4 shades: bronzer, 2 highlighters and a blusher. All of them are pretty, well pigmented and can be worn in the spring/summer season. They fit any skin tone and type because of their naturalism. DERMACOL totally killed it and I am so happy to have this on my makeup table!
5. VERSACE EROS POUR FEMME 70: Spring without an amazing scent is just like Donatella without her father . This perfume is not new at all, I have had it for a while now but didn´t use it much. I have few in my drawer organized by season and I don´t know why but I was quite loyal to Angel by Thierry Mugler in the winter and then tried this one day and fell in love. It is not easy to describe the smell so I´ll just say few adjectives like: intensive, luxurious, floral- wooden aroma and super feminine. Visit your local drugstore/perfume shop and smell for yourself:)!
6. NAKED CHERRY by Urban Decay 45: Again nothing new, I talked about this palette already but it still is my most used eyeshadow palette. I love the quality of the shades, they are easy to blend and combine (as you can see from the picture I do use them almost every day for about a year now). I tried other Naked´s but Cherry is my favourite for sure! The pink undertones and shimmery shades is all I need in the spring:)!
My top favourites ones are: BANG BANG, TURN ON, DEVILISH AND YOUNG LOVE.
I hope this aesthetically pleasing beauty post cheered you up a bit and I cannot wish you anything else at the end just stay safe and sound!
I honestly pray for all the people suffering around the world now, I know life is not just pretty and pink but we can all make it better together.

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee

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