❄️⛄️🌨Snow White Series: The reasons I like wearing white in the winter🤍

Hello my beautiful friends,

how are you all doing this year so far? Are you enjoying the beautiful but cold weather? I am more of a summer person but I must admit that the magic of winter and snow is getting under my skin. As one of my followers said: There is this particular beauty in white… It also has a calming effect and that is why I decided to have more winter holidays in the mountains (not just summer vacation).

Anyway, I was thinking about the content for my blog and because of my major focus on travelling last year, I kind of want to balance it all (fashion, beauty, travel) now. So I came up with the idea of fashion series inspired by Snow White. What do you think? Do we have anything in common? Well, certainly love for fashion and apples, xixi…

Let´s start with some winter clothing trends!

1. More is not less. Never underestimate the chilly weather and layer up your outfit. You don´t have to look like an onion, believe me! Cute sweater and a hat or big scarf can make everyone look like a celebrity!

2. Tone on tone. Colours of every winter season are about the same. Grey, black, same old same old. Try to pair similar shades and create a monochromatic look! They are always a good idea.

3. Headbands and fluffy ear covers. If you don´t live under the rock, you definitely noticed that these accessories absolutely do the job this season. They are not just super warm but also add a nice pretty detail and complete the look. So cute, isn´t it?

4. To oversize or not to oversize? When it comes to the coats, it is always better to go a size up cause you can easily squeeze more layers underneath and it looks tres chic! The same goes for the turtleneck pullovers or cardigans but be careful about the scarfs. Too many loose items can create a hanging curtain/ homeless effect!

5. Last but not least leggings! My favourites are thick black thighs and I wear them literally all the time. They are just comfy, keep everything in place and go with any sweater or a knitted dress. I love this trend so much!

Why white?

Even though my all time favourite is pink, I do love wearing white in the winter. It just goes well with the pale skin we all currently have (except the ones who don´t) and contrasts nicely with the actual white sky and snowy surrounding. White is also a colour of cleanliness and hope so wearing white clothes may bring the angel vibes in you so do not be afraid to stand out and pick few white or creamy items from your wardrobe just like I did in this photoshoot. I combined it with a brown Russian inspired jacket and ta daaa: here it the result!DSC_1055DSC_1056DSC_1058DSC_1063Few centimeters of snow and all the kids here in Slovakia (including me) are being crazy.DSC_1061DSC_1067DSC_1069Tone on tone…DSC_1072DSC_1073I went for a bright red lipstick and silver eyeliner which contrasts nicely with the white outfit. I generally use less makeup in the winter but I really wanted to achieve that Snow White look here. DSC_1076Snow White or a snowman?DSC_1080These pics are so pretty, better than an apple right?DSC_1081DSC_1082Thank you so much for reading my blog and until next time: Enjoy this cold season and stay warm but chic!

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

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