🇭🇺🎄❤️Beautiful Budapest

Hello everyone🙋🏻‍♀️!

Are you guys ready for Christmas? Well, I certainly am. All the baking and wrapping is done (my two favourite activities of the year). I was so excited to go back home🇸🇰 for Christmas after 3 years of living in London and even though I love my country, it is nice to see the magical atmosphere somewhere else as well. Budapest is very close to Bratislava (from where I come from) but I never really had a chance to explore this city so I came up with the idea to go there just for 2 days with my family.

I have also visited Prague, Vienna and Bratislava before Christmas but none of them impressed me as much as Budapest. It truly is a beautiful place with many historical buildings, delicious food and breathtaking views.

So let’s dive into it!

1. Stop: New York café

This place has been on my itinerary for a while. It is the oldest and most beautiful café in Budapest and I can see why. It looks like a palace from a movie about Sissi the Empress (if you know what I mean). Live music, amazing food and high ceiling with golden details look absolutely stunning! Waiting time is around 5-10 mins depending on the day and prices vary from 10€ per coffee to 25€ meal. We tried traditional dessert Somloy and chocolate cake. Yummy, yummy, yummy🍰☕️! After the sweet treat and tons of photos, we moved a bit further…

2. Stop: Christmas markets (Fashion street)

Hungary is well- known for their traditional cuisine. Goulash soup, lángos, sausage or wine, you can find it all at the christmas markets in the city centre. There is also a big choice of souvenirs and hand-made products of great quality so you can explore and shop at the same time. (Christmas markets are situated at many different locations therefore I would recommend spending more time here and visit as much as possible.)

3. Stop: Chain bridge

The oldest bridge in Budapest with majestic lion monuments near each entrance takes you to the other part of Danube. It is a nice 10-15 min walk and you can see the whole promenade with the House of Parliament, St. Stephen’s basilica and all the other historic buildings.

4. Stop: Fisherman’s bastion

A must-see for sure! You might actually know this place from Instagram. Seing this was definitely my favourite part of the trip. The ancient chambers look amazing and you can see the whole city from up above. The picturesque St. Mathias church with the colourful roofs and gothic architecture belongs to the national cultural heritage.

5. City centre: Christmas markets in the evening

Just a quick dinner, punch and sleep time in the lovely apartment on Rakoczi utca. We managed to see all the places from my list in 1 day so it is time to relax and chill in the spa for little bit😍.

Bubble wafer and other sweetsSt. Stephen’s basilica

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, enjoy time with your families and step into the New Year with optimism, health and

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

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