INSTA TRAVEL GUIDE: Christmassy London🎄✨🇬🇧

Hello everyone💁🏻‍♀️!

I am finally back in London and guess what! It is looking absolutely stunning this year🤩🤩🤩 and I honestly don’t think there is any other better time to visit the city than now (end of November/ first half of December). Consider this a little London Christmas guide where I’ll share some of the most beautiful places to see!

But first things first:

DURATION– You need approximately 2-3 days to visit all of the places mentioned below. I definitely recommend not to hurry and enjoy this amazing atmosphere outside.

WEATHER– It has heen little bit chilly recently but quite dry (which is not very common for London) so winter jacket is essential for sure and pair of knitted gloves should do as well🧤.

STAY– I think that any airbnb in the zones 1,2 or even 3 is fine. Travelling by tube or even walking through the city is very simple and well marked. The quality of accomodation depends on the price of course but if you are only visiting for a few days and spend most of the time outside anyway, it is kind of okay not to have a luxurious room, right?

EAT/ DRINK– When it comes to food and drinks, I suggest going to the cafés like Starbucks/Costa/ Pret-a-Manger and not just because of the affordable prices but also because you can warm yourself up a bit, relax and enjoy a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows or delicious local cakes. If you are looking for an INSTA place, I definitely recommend Peggy Porschen cakes (Belgravia), Elan cafe (Brompton road) or Saint Aymes (Covent garden). These places literally scream for a great insta shoot and some £££.

1. Oxford street/ Regent street/ Bond street

This area is probably the most crowded before Christmas due to the many shops but the most iconic decorations are actually here and they change every year. Definitely a must-go!This shopping mall between Regent street and Bond street looks like a huge advent calendar and is sooo cute!🎄✨.You can find some stunning archways on the way as well but unfortunately they are closed every night so try to come during the day and catch a good light! Bond street is a place where every high designer has a chance to show what they are made of. It is literally a Christmas decor fight this season and Stella McCartney chose to go with these beautiful neon lights! How creative! All I want for Christmas is: to pose here just like every insta friend visiting London.This is definitely my favourite building! Wrapped like a present, Cartier totally nailed it!❤️Regent street/ Oxford street: These decorations are slightly different every year but create a magical atmosphere.The cute little restaurant (picture below) behind Victoria’s secret shop on New Bond street screams for a shot and is also a nice romantic place to have a dinner or evening cocktail.

2. Winter wonderland

The most stunning and alive place in London before Christmas is always Winter wonderland starting around the 20th of November. You will find every possible attraction, candy, meal or drink here from all around the world. It looks the best at night but get ready for masses of people at the entrance. Winter wonderland is another must-see and you surely need a couple of hours to actually stroll around and see everything. My advice is just to not try to win an unwinable game🤦🏻‍♀️😂 and just eat till you drop!

3. Covent garden/ Chelsea

I actually did not have a chance to go and visit the places this year due to a very busy work schedule but as a big insta-fan, I have seen many many pictures from here and I am sharing some shots of my favourite bloggers instead.

So I guess that is kind of all my loves, I hope you liked it and if you haven’t visited London, you will after reading this post. It is truly a magical city especially now and I am so blessed to be living here for over 2 years💁🏻‍♀️🇬🇧.

Have an amazing week, don’t stress too much about Christmas. Rest, bake and wrap✨✨✨!

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

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