💙🇨🇭❤️Road trip: Interlaken, Iseltwald, Meiringen, Lauterbrunnen

Guten Tag my lovely readers!

Today, I am going to tell you about our weekend trip to the German part of Switzerland. It was just about time to visit the most typical place of this country: ALPS. Just a little warning at the beginning: this post has a looot of blue content:)!Does this scenery not look like a wallpaper? But first things first… We (guess who I went with) left Lausanne (my temporary home) around 8.30 in the morning. It takes less than 2 hours to get to Interlaken and it is a nice chilled highway road. The forecast was not too optimistic but God or whoever up there heard our prayers out and the weather was actually lovely. I realized how much I love autumn and all of these colours around…When we arrived to Interlaken, the first thing I noticed was an amazing fresh mountain air and this wooden statue. Interlaken is a traditional resort town lying between lakes Thunersee and Brienzersee. Just look at the pictures! Is this not the most turquoise water you have ever seen? No filter, nothing, I swear!If it was summer, I would just jump in for sure…Posing because why not?We had a little walk near the lake, took gazillion photos and hit the road once again to our next destination…At least that is what we thought and then I spotted this…7c148675-050d-43f9-af8b-4a27138dd0de-1The mountains in the back truly look like painted by an artist which brings me to the fact that Mother Nature is the biggest artist… No doubt about that.And as a huge donkey lover, I had to stop by and feed this cutie pie with some apple.One of the saddest and most misused animals in the world, don´t you think?Few more shots because these colours are just unbelievable…One more sick/ill/tired smile… (Yeah, I forgot to mention that 2 days before this trip, I went for a run and due to the colder weather my body really did not enjoy it and gave me a lesson once again.)And let´s go finally!Next stop: Iseltwald, just 10 mins from Interlaken. It is a municipality on the shore of Lake Brienz (which had a similar colour of water actually), it is also a popular tourist destination especially in the winter. Just a few hotels, restaurants, friendly locals and a statue of goral again:).Then we visited Aare Gorge in Meiringen.And here we come! Aare Gorge is a river gorge with icy blue water which was created around 15,000 years ago just at the end of Ice age… Isn´t that wonderful?It is a 3 km nice walk with a slippery surface but the views are so worth it, just take good shoes!I guess I do not even have to comment on this, go and see for yourself:). I kept thinking about how canthe nature actually create this every second of this experience.The price of the ticket is 9CHF which is actually quite reasonable. There is also a little restaurant and shop in case you want to refresh yourself or get a souvenir.I am so glad I could see this place. Honestly, it is a must-see of Switzerland. I found it on Instagram few weeks ago and added to my map immediately. Do you also put a flag everywhere you want to go or already been? Well, it is my current obsession:). It just looks so organized and clear for a travel addict like me…Last but not least, we visited Lauterbrunnen. It is a village surrounded by mountains, perfect for people who love hiking, skiing and all that good stuff. Those beautiful white peaks in the back are Alps and even though I really wanted to touch the snow that day, it was just way too far and unreachable by car.What I think was way better than Alps is definitely this romantic waterfall and walk underneath.And the view from there… Not a big village, is it? Still very magical though…Staubbach Fall drops almost 300 metres from a hanging valley and it is definitely not the only one. This area is well-known for waterfalls flowing all the way from the iceberg peaks.

And we are getting to the end of this road trip. I loooooved all the places so much… I can honestly say that I explored the most of Swiss beauty now. How about you? Have you ever been here or planning to? Let me know, please:)! I am always keen on hearing your suggestions, stories, plans, destinations and all that good stuff.That is all my loves, I hope you enjoyed this little virtual trip with me and just to let you know, I am staying here (in Swiss) for another 2 weeks and then back to my beloved London:). Thank you for stopping by and talk to you very soon!

xxx Lots of love xxx

By Lesi Lee

3 thoughts on “💙🇨🇭❤️Road trip: Interlaken, Iseltwald, Meiringen, Lauterbrunnen

  1. I must admit, Germany is a country I have very little visual idea about, I’ve never really considered it until now – these photographs are beautiful 😊


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