Cotton candy beach huts🍡💗

Hi guys, I hope you are having a nice and calm Sunday cause I am not:D. Just came back from London where I only spent 2 quick days seing my boo. Time passes extremely fast when you are happy/ travel and explore new places…

This weekend, we decided to go to Mersea island (2 hour drive from London). To be honest, I only know this place from Instagram but it is really as pretty as the pics. These pastel houses are literally the cutest/doll/candy/ insta call them whatever you want. Each one is original and yet similar.The strong wind made it almost impossible to take a good pic even though it was quite warm and sunny for October.The beach was absolutely empty so we took a nice walk.I could not take my eyes off them… Super lovely! You just want to eat them/ live there like a doll.Which one is your favourite:)?All smiley cause I found my pink paradise:).I did not really know what to wear cause my closet is kind of in the boxes at the moment but I knew it had to be pink:). So this pastel cardigan with the bird pattern (H&M) made me merge with the surrounding. (Light pink leather boots DEICHMANN)This is my fave pic… I can´t even guess how many of them there is.When on beach…If you are looking for a day trip outside London, Mersea island is a great place. You can also find there beautiful countryside, beaches, parks and all that good stuff. More from the weekend on the blog very very soon:).

Until then,

xxx Lots of love xxx


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