🙋🏻‍♀️😘Hello my beautiful friends,

(Just a quick post from 🇫🇷France…)

Last weekend, we spent in Evian which is a little village opposite Lausanne (where I live now). You can get a ferry from Ouchy (it only takes 35 mins) and spend the whole day strolling around. Evian is not big at all but there are few lovely places worth to see.The first stop was a shop right next to the natural Evian spring called Cachat. They do personalized bottles and have a big variety of Evian and different flavours. I did a little shopping as well 😍😃 (obviously)…Happy and hydrated, we went to see the spring. You can see the original one on the picture below (it is closed at the moment due to renovation works being done). But you can still see the beautiful light pink fountain and the spring just at the other side of the square. 💕💕💕Yeeeah, it is all pastel pink!!!This fountaine is so pretty (the female represents a typical Evian logo).The original spring inside a bar.The main street is full of cafés, restaurants and I can definitely recommend a lovely bakery (don’t remember the name) near the pharmacy. We had a little snack there and dinner a bit later at one of the local restaurants. There is one thing Italy, Spain and France have in common. Colourful houses!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Obviously, I wanted to buy Evian with my name on it but it would take couple of days for the customised order to arrive into the store so I just got this one that says the most beautiful thing:For all the insta queens, Evian has its own hashtag #evian❤️ (this is right next to the lake promenade)It probably takes a while to get from the port to the end of the village through this beautiful romantic promenade so we only walked a bit. And took some original pics on the way…Every little corner looks so aesthetically pleasing… The French really take care of the area.My favourite building in the town: Ancient spa.After a little walk, it is time for a drink…Pink spring! You can come here and get as much water as you want, it tastes sooo good and it is free! Evian 4eveeeer! (The picture below: Evian logo)Ancient spa with 4 different natural springs. It looks stunning and this place is used as a beautiful gallery now. We did not have time to go inside but I think the entrance was fascinating enough.One romantic mirror selfie at the end💑… (Evian ancient spa)

Thank you so much for stopping by and I really hope you enjoyed reading about my experience in Evian.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

By Lesi Lee💗

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