Italy roadtrip: Part 2- Amalfi coast, Salerno, Positano

And the adventure continues… I must admit that the west coast of Italy is like a dream. My dream… The sea views, colourful houses, lots of ice cream. What else could I ask for?

Day 3 of our Italy road trip: After a long journey throughout the outback, we arrived to a beautiful city of Salerno in the evening. We stayed in B&B near the sea which was super cute and affordable (14 Leoni).We went for a night stroll later, had some pizza or pasta (can´t remember) on the main promenade and enjoyed a romantic walk next to the sea.

You would never believe that this city was founded many years BC. Salerno seems like a modern touristy place. It has a vibrant centre, lots of restaurants and cafes, beautiful long beaches and primarily amazing ceramics factories. img_3862img_3854Tyrrhenian sea and the port in Salerno.img_3833Picturesque tiles everywhere… So pretty!img_3784I have to buy a magnet everywhere I go as a souvenir. And these ones are all handmade in the local factory.img_3837When life gives you lemons… Especially the Italian ones:)img_3835Make a lemonade or just eat them! The quality and taste is incomparably better, all fresh and local fruit and veggies. It is also super affordable, this is what I call: My kind of paradise:)img_4033When speaking about paradise… (Day 4: Amalfi and Positano)img_3863Amalfi and Positano are towns right next to each other, quite similar actually… img_4026But I chose to see Positano because it had been on my bucket list (thanks to Instagram) for a while. We came around lunch time and it was already packed with tourists which is kind of obvious but I was still hoping it would not be that bad. You need to leave a car quite far from the beach and then take loooots of stairs to get to the bottom where all the narrow streets, shops and restaurants are.img_3954We found this amazing spot by an accident, but I could not be happier. Perfect for seing all in once (sea, town, beach, everything).img_3974The houses are built on the reefs which creates a beautiful view. But I guess, I would not want to go up and down every day:D…img_4004I found this insta-pinky corner for a photo in my new dress from Salerno.img_4019And also a pink house… Obviously…img_3963And some pink ibiscus:)img_3982And this sleeping cutie on the stairs:)img_3951img_3993The beach was overcrowded so we only stayed there for an hour or so and had some snack. I wanted to see the typical shops and buy a magnet, of course.img_3985And when I saw all of this beautiful ceramics with lemon deco, I wanted to buy a house and decorate it straight away:D. img_3988img_3984img_3990img_3999This table was simply love at the first sight… I am planning to buy it one day and put it in my dining room.

Overall, Positano was amazing and I am really glad we had a chance to see it. The prices are much higher than in Salerno of course but place as such is definitely worth it. If you want to know more about our road trip and where we went next, stay tuned for another blog post…

Thanks a lot for reading and once again,

xxx Lots of Love xxx

By Lesi Lee

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