Italy roadtrip: Part 1- Bologna, Rimini, Pescara

Buongiorno everyone!

I cannot believe the summer is already over… Holidays always pass quicker than any other part of the year, that is life I guess. But I do not want to complain at all! I enjoyed this summer a looot, first Sardinia, then this amazing roadtrip through Italy and where I went after that, you will see in another blog post.


But first things first… It all started on 31/07 in Bologna… Do you want to know why we chose this city? Well, I have to admit that Ryanair surprised with the cheapest flight again and it only cost 10 euros (Bratislava- Bologna). I reunited with my beloved one there and we rent a car at the airport (which is btw much more expensive than a flight to New York, I suppose). We stayed in a nice hotel- 20 mins from the city centre (which we booked via and next day, the adventure started. Bologna is a historic capital of northern Italy for sure. Its centre with arched colonnades, cafes, renaissance buildings will definitely charm all the visitors. It took us just a couple of hours to walk through the city and we saw all the most important parts of this beauty. Honestly, I could not be more happier about the starting point. Add Bologna to your bucket list, guys!img_3517This fountaine with the beautiful stairs seemed like an entrance to the historic centre. It fascinated us so badly that we took a gazillion pictures and just sat and chilled there for a little bit. (featured image taken there as well)Lots of orange and yellow buildings…Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Bologna.We threw some coins into the Fountain of Neptune for luck and continued to the beautiful Basilica di San Petronio.I have this thing with the door entrances… So pretty!Shame, we could not stay till the evening open air cinema.But we climbed up the tower of Basilica and the view was so beautiful! Look at these red roofs! Italy is known for the big amount of fountains and I am sure I saw at least 5 in Bologna.Let´s take a moment and appreciate beauty of these arches. I fell in love. Honestly, never seen anything like this before.These details… They always look a bit different in each arch.I´ve got like 6 videos from here (dancing/walking/spinning in the skirt:D).You can also find some religious motifs on the walls.My favourite part of Bologna is this typical Italian street. It doesn´t seem like much but its cuteness totally got me. (I have this thing with the Italian streets as well:D)We also found an amazing spot to eat. I highly recommend this Pasticceria.All fresh and yummy! And that Bio Cola was (how to describe it) simply indescribable. It had nothing to do with the usual Coke, we know.There are two of them, actually. Asinelli towers or Le due Torri are the symbol of Bologna. They are located in the wider centre and you can climb up if you want (which we did not know:D and it was too hot anyway:D).I had to take a pic of these beauties. Found a cute little shop with handmade jewellery  under the towers (but the prices were ouuch!).Matching with the yellow wall:)We tried pasta, tiramisu and ice cream the first day and all of it was typically Italian delicious.We continued to Rimini so we could swim in the sea after a tasty lunch and the water was just yummy/ warm/ clean/ want to stay there forever:D It was not busy at the beach either which is unexpected for the longest one in Europe.Some poses with the attractions in the back.After a nice relax at the beach, evening stroll in the centre of Rimini, Very quiet, small and cute town.I really like this tower with 2 clocks.And the castle at night…We arrived to Pescara very late that night so just slept a bit and woke up early to enjoy a nice swimming in the warm sea again. It started raining suddenly so we just had breakfast and hit the road once again. The worst part was to get from the east coast to the west coast of Italy… Hours and hours in the car, some sickness on the way but it was all worth it. You will see it very soon…

Our adventure continues…

xxx Lots of love xxx

By Lesi Lee

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