Sardinia- Travel diary: Alghero, Fertilia, Cappo Caccia

Hello everyone,

I just came back from this year’s first holidays and I am super excited to share some tips and pics with you.

3 months ago, I decided the destination. Sicily was beautiful so why not visit that island close by? I wanted to have different holidays this time as well. No 5* hotels, all inclusive nor luxury. It was actually quite inexpensive when you consider the fact that I booked the accomodation through Airbnb and the flight tickets via Ryanair.


The flight only takes 1 hour and 45 mins which is relatively close. It is an Itallien island which means no visa or currency exchange. You can fly to 3 destinations from Slovakia: Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari. Alghero is in the west part of the island and is very close to the airport.


We stayed in the small village called Fertilia which is located just 15 mins by bus from Alghero. It was a quiet place where you could only meet people in the evening. Fertilia is not a typical touristy crowded destination. In fact, it only has 3 restaurants, 2 cafés, 1 supermarket and 1 fancy hotel, hovewer you can find lots of lovely private accomodations here.


The beach we visited the most often is called Punta Negra and is situated in a lagoon in Fertilia. It definitely has the clearest and warmest sea in the area. As you probably saw on my Instagram, the water is what I call turqouise and the sand is very soft and bright. Half of this beach belongs to the one and only hotel in Fertilia but the other part is for public use. I strongly recommend bringing your own food, drinks and sun umbrella cause there is no bar or restaurant and most importantly no shade😃.

Another beach we visited is well known Maria Pia. To be honest, it was a big disappointment for me as I saw the pics from the beach before and expected something totally different. The sea was quite dirty, the beach was full of natural rubbish from the sea and the smell (probably from canalization) I do not need to comment.

What I really liked on the other hand was a beach situated 45 mins from Fertilia called Bombarde. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area so the amount of people can be a bit overwhelming but Bombarde has got everything you need. Clean sea, lots od bars and restauants, toilets/showers and beach sellers offering everything and anything😃.


I am a street wanderer when it comes to exploring unknown town and Alghero definitely is a cutie pie. This place has got so many alleys that you can go there every day and still find a new narrow street. The food is brilliant here as well and gelato💜🍦💙😍, oh my! Yet small but quite busy city centre also offers satisfaction for shopaholics (souvenirs, elegant mode, underwear/swimwear, simply anything you can dream of) all made in Italy of course🇮🇹. You can also take trips to different places like Grotto di Nettuno, La Pelosa etc. I truly liked this place and definitely want to come back soon.


We only stayed in Sardinia for a week which is not that long if you don’t rent a car so we took just one trip. I knew I wanted to see the Neptun’s cave before and I knew I wouldn’t regret. There are 2 ways how to get to Cappo Caccia, by boat or bus. We took a boat from Alghero (15€ pp) and it took around 45 mins. I enjoyed the ride, the view is simply mesmerizing, I swear! You need to pay for the entrance separately (12€) and if you don’t want to wait for hours in a que, go early in the morning and during the week if possible. It is hard to describe the beauty of the cave, you need to see for yourself, but I am so glad I visited this place😉🥰.

I hope you liked this post and I am looking forward to write more stuff very very soon as I am planning few more trips this summer.

Lots of love,

By Lesi Lee

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