Nothing better than Notting hill

Hello my lovely readers,

today I want to share some big news in this post! I moved to London recently and I am planning to stay here for a couple of months. It was a spontaneous idea but I do not regret it so far. London is really exciting, there are so many beautiful things to see and probably one of the most surprising places for me was Notting hill. I always loved the movie but I never expected the real place to be so colorful. As you can see from the pictures, there are hundreds of lovely houses which have amazing variety of colors and strolling around the famous Portobello market is just magical. DSC_0300DSC_0296This is probably my favorite pic.DSC_0303DSC_0348And this is my favorite dream pink house.DSC_0347Notting hill is very famous for its Portobello market. It has a long tradition but because of the many tourists, they only sell the souvenirs there nowadays.DSC_0328DSC_0359DSC_0283DSC_0326DSC_0318Piece of art everywhere.DSC_0286DSC_0293DSC_0319Typical souvenirs of London are T-shirts, postcards, bags and many other things with the dominants of the city. DSC_0330Notting hill got under my skin the second I walked in there. It is a bit crowded but the atmosphere and the area is just great. It definitely belongs to Top places to see in London. I will try to do more travel posts from London to show you where to go and what to see.

Until next time,

Lots of Love by L.L.

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