Santorini: The new heaven on earth

DSC_1564DSC_1520DSC_1522DSC_1490DSC_1528DSC_1570DSC_1500DSC_1502DSC_1584DSC_1623DSC_1622DSC_1606Santorini is not only the best place to take instapics but also an amazing destination for travel addicts like me. I felt in love with the white houses with blue details immediately. DSC_1507There are more than 1 800 churches on the island. All the greek families had to built a church near to the house in the past so they could celebrate family weddings and funerals inthere.DSC_1578All the narrow streets with shops, cafés and tavernas will melt your heart as soon as you get to the centre of Oia.DSC_1527Many loving couples come to the island and leave a locker here with a wish of eternal love. It might be only a tradition but the island itself is magical and I cannot imagine any better place for a honeymoon than Santorini. (Hopefully, my boyfriend is reading this :D).

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