All about the semi-precious stones and bracelets

Did you know that each stone has a power? And did you know that you can carry this power wherever you go? DSC_0902Bracelets made from semi- precious stones can bring you love, stress relief or even detox for your body and they look so beautiful!DSC_0908Crystal: It is a transparent stone which has a widespread use. It brings the positive energy, improves intuition and helps with meditation. Crystal is one of the most important stones because it might decrease the physical pain (or fever) and clear the mind. It is always good to have a crystal at home and hold it in the hand when needed (or you can wear a bracelet, the effect is the same).

Onyx: This black stone is generally known as the energy one (similar to Ying Yang). It can help physically but also mentally. It balances the body with the space. Onyx can reduce the inclination to the addictions as well which is why it is so popular nowadays.

Hematite: It is a shiny black stone with the protective power. Hematite can clear the blood and it is also good for the memory. The harmony of the body and soul is another important effect of this beautiful stone.

Snowflake Obsidian: It is a stone of purity. Obsidian can bring the balance to the body mind and spirit. In the past, people used it for a better skin and vains.

Coral: This red miracle does not only look good but has so many great effects at the same time. It intensifies the mother/child love. It calms the emotions and might also fight against the bad vibrations. It brings the energy and warmth. However, people who suffer from anxiety should not wear it cause it could deepen the feelings. DSC_0914DSC_0926Keshi (Freshwater) pearl: These beautiful pearls (or the angel´s teardrops) have been popular among women for ages. They represent the protection against injuries, harmony and love. (Pearls are girl´s best friends! Not diamonds…) DSC_0927Rose Quartz: This is probably the most beautiful and also the most important one beause it is the stone of LOVE! Everyone needs love, no need to comment it more…

Pink Jadeite: There are many types and colours of jadeite but I chose this one (guess why). This stone can bring happiness, friendship and harmony. It is also a stone of good sleep. In some cases, it may release too many emotions so one needs to be careful where and how to use it. DSC_0931Amethyst: Purple and beautiful! It exchanges energy for love. Amethyst is really strong and ofted used for spiritual purposes. It can bring good dreams, decrease the alcohol in the blood and also harmonize the body and soul.

White Nacre: Truly powerful and protective stone! It is used against the bad influences and negative energy. It can absorb it and change it for the positivity. Nacre can also bring the money, protection and safe background into the lives of individuals.DSC_0913These ones are my absolute favorites: rose quartz (pink), amethyst (purple), crystal (transparent) and white nacre (white). The combination of the beauty and power is just wonderful!DSC_0952I have really been into the crystals recently (another addiction I guess:D) and that is why I decided to write about it. Whether you believe or not, you have to admit that there is some kind of beauty and magic in it.

Which one is your favourite?

Lots of love,

Lesi Lee

(P.S. Part 2 is coming soon because there are so many more amazing stones I need to talk about!)

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