Contour like a PRO

There are so many tutorials how to contour but most of them do not look natural on a day light. What I am about to show you is a simple way how to do it using affordable products. The results look great and you can do this routine on a daily basis. It is not too dramatic or too fake looking either! You are going to need a contouring kit, obviously and some brushes. I chose some of my favourite products for concealing which I am obsessed with.

LIST OF PRODUCTS: Catrice camouflage cream concealer (10 Natural beige), PRIMARK PS Concealer palette, SHISEIDO Face color enhancing trio, BH contouring kit, L.A. Girl Pro concealers, ZOEVA brushesdsc_0306dsc_0298dsc_0301Brushes are really important when it comes to the natural contouring.dsc_0299Cream contours are better because they blend easily. Always choose the colours that are similar to your skin or two shades darker for a natural finish. dsc_0318Create a halfmoon starting in the middle of your forehead and ending at the end of your cheekbones. Blend it with a fluffy brush or a beauty blender. Use a small pen brush and create two lines on the sides of your nose. You can make your cheeks, nose, chin or even forehead look smaller. Apply a lighter concealer underneath your eyes, in the middle of the forehead and at the tip of your chin.  dsc_0317Yeaah, I look like a BAMBI! Do not worry if you look crazy, you are going to blend until it looks super natural! Blending is the key!dsc_0356I do this routine every day, it is easy and the finish is just flawless! Contour like a PRO!

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