DIY: Chokers,headbands, bracelets


We all love bracelets. It has always been chic and feminine part of the accessories. DIY bracelets are original, affordable and super easy to make. Let´s get started! First, decide what colours you want your bracelets to be. I only wear black, grey or white so the choice was easy. I got some beads at the shop and I combined them with the ones I had at home already. You need to measure the size of your hand, take nylon and string the beads. Use different types of beads to make your bracelet different and beautiful. Once, you are finished, tie the knot and it is done!dsc_0558dsc_0559dsc_0567

What you need:

  • pieces of fabrics (get them in the textile haberdashery)
  • scissors
  • beads (pearls, black/white, silver)
  • needle
  • thread, lace, elastic nylon


I decided to make a creamy headband with the white pearls because it looks really cool with the dark hair. I bought a piece of muslin fabric and I created soft waves using needle. In the middle where the fabric is thicker, I stitched the pearls in a row. You can end the headband with the fastener or little clasp. dsc_0523



The chokers are hot right now and if you do not want to spend the fortune and get all the dfferent kinds in FOREVER 21, this DIY is just for you. Yes, I got inspired at the newly opened store FOREVER 21 in Bratislava.

The beaded choker: I got a soft black net-fabric at the shop and I created a thick braided strip in the middle. I sewed up the beads and small strasses many different ways so it creates a pattern. I ended the choker with a fastener but you can use what you have at home even a small clip.

The laced choker: This was actually really quick and easy. I got a laced fabric and I cut the pattern from the bottom. I sewed up both parts of the choker so it wouldn´t have the small threads coming off. I ended it with the small fastener and it looks just perfect. Don´t you think?


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