Sidi Bou Said: Tunisian town of poets

DSC_0201This little town with white houses and blue windows got popular because of the movie Angelique and the Sultan which was shot here in the 60´s. But it is not the only reason why is Sidi Bou Said visited by thousands of tourists every day. DSC_0205In the past, many famous poets and paintors lived here. You can say that the streets of Sidi Bou Said looked like the ones of Montmartre in Paris. DSC_0148It is just so easy to fall in love…DSC_0137DSC_0135The houses cost so much here that only millionaires can actually afford it. I ´m not surprised. Who would not want to live in a romantic town like this? DSC_0216And who will buy me a house:D?DSC_0157The interior is traditionally arabic and full of antiques. It is the most beautiful part of the property.

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